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LES.NET brings business and technology together at a price your business can afford

We’ve learned many lessons from the pandemic over the past two years: how to wash our hands thoroughly, how far apart six feet really is, and maybe, most of all, how vitally important access to the internet and telephone systems are for our professional (and personal) lives. A stable, high-quality connection to the world is integral for good business. Fortunately, Winnipeg is home to a company that can supply that and much more to businesses of all sizes.

LES.NET, headquartered at 130 Portage Avenue East in the heart of the city, has been providing fibre optic internet access, voice services and data centre server colocation to businesses in Winnipeg and throughout North America. The business has changed a lot for President Leslie Bester (Les as he’s known to friends) since the early days in 1996 as a part time hobby. One thing remains the same: dedication to providing quality internet access, voice, and data services at reasonable prices. “I started out small hosting servers and it’s evolved from there,” says Bester. “As my skills in networking grew, so did LES.NET.” 

Can you hear me now?
Early on, Bester discovered the need for reliable, affordable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services and became a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CTRC) approved provider. LES.NET became a full service Canadian Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) in 2010 and started offering VoIP services. “Today, we serve companies in Manitoba and all over the globe,” says Bester. “It’s an excellent, affordable service for customers that have the internal IT resources to manage it.”

Making Connections
After an initial foray into VoIP and central office code operation, LES.NET turned attentions to building a proprietary fibre optic network in and around downtown Winnipeg. “We knew local internet access was very slow, so we looked at how we could help,” says Bester.  Soon, the company would take on pulling fibre optic cabling through the labyrinth of conduits and manholes downtown and in the Exchange District to improve service to local buildings. “We saw how we could offer dramatically faster service for business customers,” he says. “For example, we have reduced the time required to share large video files from two or three hours to less than an hour which is critical when quick turnaround is required.”

LES.NET operates five data centers, three of which offer public server co-location. “We know that data needs to be secure and accessible, and we can help you accomplish that,” says Bester. He also keeps busy as president of the Manitoba Internet Exchange (MBIX), a not-for-profit peering local internet traffic to improve both speed and quality for all members.

Bringing IT Together
LES.NET employs a team of business and expert IT technicians to provide the advice and knowledge you need to manage your business phones, internet, and data storage. “We have been Manitoba’s independent telephone company and an ISP for a long time,” says Bester. “The first step is calling us to see how we can improve and make more affordable your business communication needs”.

Learn more at or call 204.944.0009 for more information on how LES.NET can support your organization.

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