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Government support for Arctic Gateway Group and Port of Churchill

The Government of Canada and the Manitoba Government announced a joint investment for Arctic Gateway Group on Feb. 23.

“Our government is proud to partner with Indigenous and northern communities and the Province of Manitoba to make sure that people and businesses are connected and able to build a prosperous northern economy. By investing in the Hudson Bay Railway, we are investing in the future. This means jobs will be created, mining and forestry opportunities will open, and Bayline communities will have the opportunity to position themselves as a true gateway to the Arctic and the world,” said Hon. Daniel Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan on Feb 23.

Up to $60 million in funding has been made available from both governments to finish work on the Hudson Bay Railway and begin redevelopment of the Port of Churchill.

“The Port of Churchill makes Manitoba a maritime province, and both the Port and the rail line offer so much potential when it comes to international trade, energy exports and building out the supply chains that create good jobs in Northern Manitoba. Our team fought to repair the rail line because we understand it is the backbone of the northern economy and a vital connection to food and fuel for the families that live there. We’re proud to partner with the Government of Canada to make this important investment,” said Hon. Wab Kinew, Premier of Manitoba, with the announcement.

Arctic Gateway Group is a partnership of 41 Manitoba First Nation and Bayline communities, and owns the Hudson Bay Railway. The Hudson Bay Railway is the “only affordable year-round, all-weather mode of transportation for both passenger and freight traffic to access several northern Manitoba communities.” As well, the Port of Churchill is the only deep-water Arctic port that is connected to North America’s surface transportation network.

“The government partnerships we have established allow us to invest and upgrade the Hudson Bay Railway where the level of service and reliability is now being achieved. Additionally, we can turn our attention on expansion and opportunities through re-development of the Port of Churchill. As an Indigenous and community-owned company, we recognize the importance of this northern infrastructure corridor and will continue to partner with industry, our strategic partners in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut and governments. This is a significant announcement for our region, for Manitoba and for Canada,” said Mike Spence, Mayor of Churchill, and chair of the Arctic Gateway Group board of directors.

In 2018, the federal government committed to repairing the Hudson Bay Railway, which led to the creation of the Arctic Gateway Group and the acquisition of the railway, the Port of Churchill and the Churchill Marine Tank Farm.



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