MAMI Launches UP MB Campaign: Uncover Prosperity Manitoba introduced to mining industry at CCMEC

As part of a funding agreement with the Province of Manitoba, Mining Association of Manitoba (MAMI) launched the industry portion of its new Uncover Prosperity campaign November 6, at the Central Canada Mineral Exploration Convention (CCMEC) in Winnipeg. The UP MB campaign is ultimately targeted at raising awareness of the modern mining practices in Manitoba, its potential to drive a green economy, and the prevalence of critical (and other) minerals in the province.

“We hold 29 of 31 critical minerals in worldwide demand, we have a safe and reliable supply chain, and we have tremendous potential to positively impact the Manitoba economy, providing high-quality careers and sustainable funding to essential programs like healthcare, education and social services,” says Stacy Kennedy, president of MAMI and head of Manitoba operations for Vale. “The UP-side for our province and all who live in Manitoba is undeniable.”

The campaign will help build public support for many positive impacts mining stands to create for the province, of which research has shown most residents, and especially youth, are largely unaware.

“As an industry we know what the coming critical mineral boom can contribute to quality of life in the province,” says Richard Trudeau, vice president of MAMI and director external affairs and director human resources, Indigenous and External Affairs for Hudbay Minerals, Inc. “Towns in the North would not exist without the legacy and current contributions of mining, so imagine the exponential benefits that we, and the generations to come, can experience.”

Set to launch to the public in late 2023, the campaign which is being developed by 6P Marketing and funded by the Province of Manitoba, is unprecedented.

“We look forward to working with our new government on a new critical minerals strategy, to improving training programs and access to rewarding careers in mining, and to collaboratively educating Manitobans about the clean, green and safe way that mining exploration and development are undertaken in our province and Canada,” explains John Morris, co-Director of MAMI.

“Our way of life depends on mining, and an improved quality of life for all Manitobans—including economic reconciliation for indigenous communities—is possible because of the geological wealth we hold and the strong regulatory and safety framework we operate within,” says Kennedy.


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