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DAVIDsTEA launches collaboration with Tea Horse and a new Cold Brew Collection

Denise Atkinson & Marc Bohémier, founders of Tea Horse

Montréal-based DAVIDsTEA has launched two new products this month.

On June 9, the company announced its new collaboration with Tea Horse, a woman-led, Indigenous-owned tea company and the David Suzuki Institute on its new Manoomin Maple Tea. According to DAVIDsTea, Manoomin (pronounced muh-NOH-min) means “wild rice” in Ojibwe with a literal translation as “the good seed.”

“In Indigenous cultures, leaves, roots, flowers and grains are infused to make tea,” said Tea Horse about the launch. “As an Indigenous-owned tea company, our use of Manoomin (wild rice) as a key ingredient in our tea blends honours and carries on the traditions of the Indigenous Peoples of North America.”

DAVIDsTEA will also share 10 per cent of all proceeds from Manoomin Maple with the David Suzuki Institute to support Indigenous communities through the Reconciling Ways of Knowing program. This Indigenous-led program facilitates dialogue between Indigenous people and their governments and Canadians and their governments to work together to include Indigenous voices and knowledge.

DAVIDsTEA launches Cold Brew Collection

“Working on this collaboration with Tea Horse has been such a rewarding experience, as we have been able to share our creativity, knowledge, and passion for tea in Canada,” said Sarah Segal, CEO and chief brand officer at DAVIDsTEA on June 9. “Being able to share with the Indigenous community through the David Suzuki Institute further strengthens our efforts to support a more inclusive and diverse tea community on a local level.”

The Manoomin Maple Tea is available for a limited time online at for Canadian and U.S. customers, or in-store at DAVIDsTEA locations – including Winnipeg’s at Polo Park.

June 13 saw news that their new collection of Cold Brew Teas are available now. The collection includes three flavours – Strawberry Kiwi, Classic Lemon, and Peach Passionfruit – available in loose leaf and tea bags, and steep in just 10 minutes.

“Cold brew tea is an amazing way to enjoy tea all summer long,” said Segal on June 13. “Whether you’re camping, at the park, or simply want a quick way to steep up a healthy, high-flavour beverage on the go, our super fast–steeping Cold Brew Collection is just a sip away!”


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