Published four times a year, Manitoba Inc. has the business news, analysis and stories that matter to the Manitoba business community.

Our readers are the C-level executives, business owners, senior leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, government officials and decision-makers in Manitoba, plus leading contacts across Canada.

Our readership is a market that you don’t want to miss. Available in print and online with a social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter, Manitoba Inc. gets your message to a lucrative, engaged market that wants to do business.

Two Markets

Business to Business (B2B) – Manitoba Inc. readers make decisions about everything their business needs—technology, event and meeting venues, marketing services, travel vendors, office supplies, commercial real estate, equipment, trade shows, benefit programs, vehicles and more.

Business to Consumer (B2C) – Manitoba Inc. readers are consumers with higher incomes. They are interested in retirement and investment portfolios; travel; higher-end homes and vehicles; and vacation property. They enjoy dining out, attending events and convenient, quality shopping for family members, friends and themselves.

Elevate Your Organization

Beyond our lucrative readership, Manitoba Inc. is also the perfect place to build brand awareness and recognition. Raise your business’s profile in Manitoba and across the country. Being featured allows you to increase awareness, create brand recognition and introduce leads into your sales funnel.

Print & Digital Work Together

Demographics vary when it comes to print and digital media, based on preference, availability and reading habits. Print and digital advertising means that you’re reaching all audiences. Print advertising in Manitoba Inc. and digital advertising on gives you access to a broad range of readers in the province, across the country and around the world. The combination of print and digital creates repeated impressions to reinforce your company’s messaging.

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