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How Efficiency Manitoba can help industrial customers save energy and money

Efficiency Manitoba is a Crown corporation dedicated to helping all Manitobans save energy, money, and the environment. They cater to a diverse array of participants from homeowners to large businesses, and communities across the province by providing financial incentives and expert advice to help you lower your energy use and create a sustainable Manitoba for future generations to come.

Efficiency Manitoba also works with industrial and large commercial customers throughout Manitoba to help identify, investigate, and implement energy-saving opportunities to make your facility’s operations more energy efficient. With help from their team of experts, they provide complimentary benchmark studies, energy efficiency assessments, and incentives that help offset the costs of steam trap audits and feasibility studies.

Once energy efficiency opportunities are identified, you can also receive incentives towards the implementation of energy efficiency upgrades. Their expertise in energy efficiency and technical support is there to assist you along the way. With their project-based approach, you can maximize your energy savings and incentives by participating in multiple programs that make sense for your business, helping you lower your operating costs, improve the systems you currently use, and reduce your environmental impact. That’s exactly how they helped McCain Foods Limited identify and implement several energy efficiency upgrades in their processing facilities.

Substantial savings for McCain Foods Limited
McCain Foods Limited is the world’s largest manufacturer of frozen potato products with two facilities in Manitoba. McCain Foods has been working with Efficiency Manitoba on numerous projects over the years including insulation and lighting upgrades, as well as a variety of energy efficiency upgrades to their manufacturing processes. Projects have ranged from compressed air upgrades, to refrigeration, to recovering waste heat for reuse within their facility. Since working with Efficiency Manitoba, McCain Foods significantly reduced their energy use and GHG emissions at their two Manitoba locations and will realize substantial energy bill savings through these energy efficiency upgrades.

“With help from both the knowledgeable team members and financial incentives, Efficiency Manitoba’s Custom Energy Solutions Program allowed us to identify and implement numerous upgrades in our facilities,” remarked Mike Weissig, Sustainability Manager at McCain Foods Limited. “We’re already seeing the benefits and look forward to working together on future projects.”

What’s next?
McCain Foods isn’t stopping there. They’re currently participating in Efficiency Manitoba’s Strategic Energy Manager Program, which provides a number of additional supports including funding and training for an onsite energy manager to provide focus, expertise, and a strategic approach to energy reduction within their organization. Mike had this to say:

“Having the opportunity to exchange ideas and entertain new concepts has been very helpful in growing our business while reducing energy consumption.”

Efficiency Manitoba understands the energy landscape is constantly evolving. They’re eager to work with you and your facility to find energy-efficient solutions that are tailored to your long-term needs.

Efficiency Manitoba’s programs for industrial businesses
Your business is unique and your energy efficiency upgrades should be too. Efficiency Manitoba offers an array of programs for industrial and large commercial customers to help you pursue energy-saving opportunities that fit your needs.

Custom Energy Solutions Program:
The Custom Energy Solutions Program—Efficiency Manitoba’s signature industrial offer—provides a performance-based incentive that pays up to  $0.15/kWh and $0.30/m³ of annual energy saved. The more energy your project saves, the higher the incentive. You can take on several projects to maximize energy savings and eligible incentives, and their team can help you find the best option to save you the most energy.

Feasibility studies:
If you’re interested in upgrades related to electricity or natural gas savings and aren’t sure of your options or potential costs, a feasibility study can help. The study can quantify the technical viability, potential energy savings, and overall project economics. Plus, Efficiency Manitoba offers financial incentives of 50% of the study cost up to a maximum incentive of $20,000.

Energy efficiency assessments:
If your facility relies on processing and uses over 500,000 kWh per year, consider an energy efficiency assessment to better understand your energy use. Efficiency Manitoba will provide a high-level look at your facility’s energy consumption, identify major energy inefficiencies, and help find potential opportunities for energy-saving projects. Their technical experts conduct a walk-through of your facility, analyze your energy usage, and provide you with a detailed report and suggestions for Efficiency Manitoba programs that can help you save.

Steam trap audits:
Efficiency Manitoba’s program for steam trap audits can help facilities that use steam for heating or process loads identify leaking and failed traps that can be wasting significant energy. They pay $15 per trap inspected to a maximum of $10,000 per audit. An added benefit: replacing failed steam traps can have a payback period of less than one year!

Benchmark studies for compressed air systems:
Many industrial processes rely on compressed air, and ensuring they’re as efficient as possible is important. Efficiency Manitoba offers complimentary studies of compressed air systems to help with this. They work with compressed air specialists who will visit your facility and perform a baseline logging of your system. Their technical experts will analyze the data and provide you with information to help you size a replacement unit properly and identify other areas for improvement. Once implemented, any energy efficiency upgrades to your compressed air system would qualify for incentives through Efficiency Manitoba’s Custom Energy Solutions Program.

Strategic Energy Manager Program:
This initiative supports the hiring of a dedicated energy manager to foster a culture of energy conservation and commitment to long-term energy savings within your organization. Efficiency Manitoba provides financial assistance to support the development and implementation of a Strategic Energy Management Plan, and you may be eligible to receive additional incentives on top of other Efficiency Manitoba incentives.

If you’re interested in making your industrial or large commercial facility more energy efficient, Efficiency Manitoba is here to help. They have the expertise to assist in identifying energy-saving opportunities and can provide financial incentives to help you implement your project.

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