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Knowledge Bureau meets demand for upskilling in Manitoba’s financial services sector

Evelyn Jacks, Knowledge Bureau. Photo by Doug Little.

There is unprecedented demand in the market today for highly-qualified practitioners in the areas of personal, corporate and trust tax services as well as bookkeeping, accounting and financial services.

In this ultra-competitive environment, Knowledge Bureau provides world class upskilling solutions critical to meeting client needs and help you scale and differentiate your services from your competition.

The Winnipeg-based institute is Canada’s leader in post-secondary financial and tax courses. It offers a multi-disciplinary approach with several specialized programs, leading to specialized certification and designations in personal, corporate, trust and cross-border taxation, as well as retirement, succession and estate planning, to name but a few.

In a popular new designation program, the MFA-P™, financial advisors serving clients who wish to leave their assets to the community, can now achieve credentials to provide strategic philanthropic services. “In this time of significant personal and financial disruption, our newest programs are designed especially for advisors in the tax and financial services—or those who seek entry to these vibrant industries—to expand their careers or move into professional practices of their own,” says Evelyn Jacks, president of the Knowledge Bureau.

All of the certificate courses are available online, each with three-month study terms, enabling people to acquire new skills at their convenience—at the office, at home or at the cottage—with continuous intake. It’s possible to start today.

Knowledge Bureau also works with firms and organizations to provide training programs, educational publishing services and custom-designed training solutions.

“We are proud to be a nationwide trainer in tax accounting and financial services from right here in Winnipeg,” Jacks says. She is quick to note there is a “huge” base of outstanding tax, accounting and financial services firms in Manitoba and they’re all waging the same war for talent in a rapidly changing environment. “For these reasons, we are continually publishing new courseware to meet upskilling needs.”

One example is the new Navigating Privacy Issues Course. “The Advisors of the Future run a digital practice, offering a hybrid of in-person and online meetings. They have more time, often lower costs and an opportunity for a better work-life balance,” she says, “They also have the opportunity to provide more convenient services that clients demand. But that means learning to do things differently and quickly.”

Knowledge Bureau enhances its online training programs with that hybrid mix, too, with four live-virtual CE Summits during the year. In January, it launched a program on advanced personal tax matters. In May, its offering will cover the federal budget as well as advanced retirement and estate planning. Audit defence with a focus on real estate is on the docket in September, while November’s program focuses on year-end tax planning for investors and corporate owner managers.

Jacks says the programs and software tools offered by the Knowledge Bureau allow practitioners to make an immediate difference to people on the street. “We believe real wealth isn’t a number, it’s financial peace of mind. That happens when you don’t have to worry about money anymore. That’s why we are committed to helping professionals upscale their financial education to protect family income and wealth. We offer ways to attain a high standard in professional development with practical education. This unique multi-disciplinary approach provides new knowledge to serve clients even better than before,” she says.

Find out more by calling 1-866-953-4769 or register online at A free trial and personal assistance is always available.

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