A roadmap for a stronger future

Winnipeg Metropolitan Region looks ahead to 2050

Member municipalities of the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region are working together to build the foundation for a stronger, more prosperous region and province—a foundation that will ensure a brighter future for all Manitobans, for generations to come. It’s an exciting time for the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region as they chart a course for a bright future. 

Originally formed in 1998, the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region (WMR)—which includes Winnipeg and 17 municipalities surrounding it—is the fastest-growing area of Manitoba. With two-thirds of the population of Manitoba and approximately 66 per cent of its yearly gross domestic product, the region is the economic engine of the province. 

In 2019, the Province of Manitoba mandated the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region to coordinate the first draft of a regional land use and servicing plan, Plan20-50. The WMR member municipalities are working together on this plan—a long-term plan that builds upon the strengths of the region and ensures future success. Plan20-50 is a roadmap for a stronger future for us all. It recognizes that we’re stronger and more competitive when we work together.

Plan20-50 will help the region promote growth and create jobs by marketing the region as a whole. Instead of competing against each other, member municipalities will work together to make it easier and more attractive for investors to do business here.

The plan will help protect the region’s environment with a long-term plan that will enable us to be better stewards of our water, land and air. Communities will also be better prepared to address the challenges posed by climate change. 

Plan20-50 will help improve the quality of life in communities through a coordinated, collaborative approach to municipal services, including everything from transportation to waste management. 

The first draft of Plan20-50 was released to the public in April 2021, asking for comments and feedback. All the feedback received was compiled into a Review Report that was submitted to the Minister of Municipal Relations in June 2021, along with the first draft of the plan. Since that time, the WMR expert planning team has continued to meet with various municipal representatives and regional stakeholders to collect valuable input on the plan. All feedback collected since June 2021 informed the refinement of the second draft of Plan20-50. 

In November 2022, Plan20-50 version 2.0 was released publicly on the Plan20-50 website. 

Plan20-50 is a work in progress. Its development continues to be inclusive, with each municipality, their citizens and stakeholders welcome to participate in the process and provide feedback. The WMR is encouraging the public to download, review and provide feedback on the second draft of the plan. 

For more information on Plan20-50 go to 20to50.ca.

Founded in 1998, the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region is made up of:
Rural Municipality of Rockwood
Rural Municipality of St. Andrews

Rural Municipality of West St. Paul
Rural Municipality of East St. Paul

Rural Municipality of St. Clements
Rural Municipality of Springfield

Rural Municipality of Taché
Rural Municipality of Ritchot

Rural Municipality of Macdonald
Rural Municipality of Headingley

Rural Municipality of St. François Xavier
Rural Municipality of Cartier

Rural Municipality of Rosser
City of Winnipeg

City of Selkirk
Town of Niverville

Town of Stonewall
Village of Dunnottar


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